How many toys does a child need? Few people will answer this question. This is the same as how many gifts you need for happiness.

A toy is an object intended for playing. But do not forget that the toy is used for mental, moral, aesthetic and physical education of the child. The toy helps the child learn about the world around them.

The main task of parents is not only to provide the necessary care and conditions for development, but also to diversify the child’s leisure time, and help him get the skills and knowledge necessary for adult life.

Why do children need toys

Children’s toys are necessary for every child, because it is through games that the baby learns the world. Want to raise a genius or just a good person — more toys are good and different.


Develop the imagination;
Encourage active activity;
Help to model scenes from ” adult life»;
Unite children of the same age, thus having a positive impact on the social development of the child;
Educational toys help parents teach their children colors, letters, and numbers. From the first toys, the baby gets the first knowledge about the world in which he lives;
Develop fine motor skills.
You can still list and list. But note that we are talking about useful toys, not delusional ones, which are now just a bunch.

I think many will agree with me in the above and make conclusions whether children need toys.

What toys should children buy

For example, a child under one year is recommended to purchase a special developmental Mat. After a year, when the baby takes its first steps, various wheelchairs and walkers will become invaluable assistants.

A child from one to three years old needs funny pyramids and all sorts of frames-inserts for development — they perfectly train the baby’s large motor skills and logical thinking. Pyramids and cubes help train the child’s logical thinking, as well as introduce the concepts of shape and size of objects. From the age of two, a child can be introduced to such a wonderful toy as a puzzle.

Of course, they should be simple, with a small number of elements and a fairly large and clear image. The process of collecting puzzles perfectly trains attention, logical thinking and fine motor skills.

After three years, the child can be offered toys that provide much greater variability in use — for example, designers. Logic Board games will be extremely useful. Insert frames are still effective, although their shape should be more complex.

Features of the choice of educational toys for children from 5 to 7 years are dictated by the need to prepare the child for school as effectively as possible.

The child’s intelligence begins to take shape by the age of 5-6 with the help of all these educational toys: rattles, tumblers, transformers, xylophones, gurneys and knockers. Playing, children learn logic, abstract thinking, and the ability to relate themselves to the world around them, and counting, and reading, and writing, and drawing.

Does the child need a lot of toys

In many families: dolls, cars, cubes littered the whole house, and the child is still bored and requires new ones. Parents go on about the baby and buy what he wants, “so that he does not stick.” This is a fundamentally wrong strategy.

The lack of toys is not as terrible as their overabundance, because when there is not enough toys for the game, it stimulates the child’s imagination, the child replaces the toys with improvised items (homemade items, boxes, threads). Let’s figure out how many toys a child needs?

At the age of 2-3 months, the child begins to focus on bright objects, so at this time it is necessary to have several colorful rattles or figures. They are suspended over the crib so that they are in front of the child’s eyes, two are enough.

At 5-6 months of age, children begin to crawl. Without hesitation, you can buy a special play Mat, or lay out toys that make sounds in front of the baby, so that he has an incentive to crawl to it. Here is the Mat I sewed for the baby, you can see here.

Closer to the year, the child takes the first steps. As a rule, at this age, kids love toys that make animal sounds. They need wheelchairs, push cars, and pushchairs for girls.

As you have noticed, the child should not buy a lot of toys. They will simply become unnecessary to him, and the child will lose interest in them.

— If the child has a lot of toys, hide some of them for 1-3 weeks, leaving 2-4 pieces. If the baby suddenly notices the loss of a Teddy bear or a car, it’s okay, you can search for the toy with the baby and, of course, find it! Here is joy will! The main thing is to do it quietly from him, so that the child does not beg for a constant change of toys.

  • Ask your family and friends not to give toys to your child. Say that you have to hide and even throw away all the extra ones. This should work. Alternatively, offer to give your child good books.

— In addition to cars and dolls, the child must have toys for walking, relaxing in the country, swimming, playing on the water and in the sand. In addition, regardless of gender, each child must have role-playing kits (store, hospital, travel, mother-daughter).

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