How to store toys in the children’s room

With the arrival of a child, the house begins to fill with toys that are given by relatives and friends. After a while, parents will have to seriously think about how to place them so that dolls, hares and cars do not interfere with walking around the room. With the creative approach of adults, special storage systems will help to restore order in the room, and at the same time make the interior unique. They are able to teach the baby accuracy and awaken interest in order.

How to store toys compactly

For the correct placement of toys, all the time trying to spread out in different directions, parents need to plan the space of the children’s room. Systematic organization of storage areas for pyramids, cubes, clowns and bears will require great effort and imagination from adults. Therefore, they will be interested in ideas on how to store toys.

First of all, relatives should focus on the age characteristics of their child. A one-year-old baby gets his favorite rattles or baby dolls from his mother’s hands. All its playing space is limited by the boundaries of the developing Mat, stroller and playpen. All the toys can fit in one box, where parents can easily choose them.

By the age of 5, so many toys are collected that parents do not know how to store them. Their content is difficult for others. The child should not see them all at once. In children at this age, attention is not concentrated for a long time. They take one thing, look at it, and quickly lose interest in it. As a result, dolls and cars end up on the floor, and mothers have to collect them many times a day.

Experts advise you to use a trick-put the toys in several boxes and give the baby only one, and put the rest away. From time to time, you need to replace them with the next batch. This method will allow you to keep the charm of the novelty of forgotten toys.

By the age of 10, the number of games does not decrease, but the content becomes more complex:

instead of cars – a race track, a whole garage of special equipment or Parking;
instead of a baby or a bear – a doll’s Palace and a set of furniture and clothing.
All sets for drawing and needlework, constructors and soft toys need to be carefully systematized and spread out in separate storage places.

For children over 10 years of age, entertainment becomes more adult. By this time, the child should be able to independently maintain order in their room, if they have been taught how to compactly fold toys. In the organization of space parents certainly need to coordinate with them ways of storage.

To get rid of clutter, you don’t have to buy an expensive set of standard furniture with lots of shelves and drawers. By turning on the imagination and spending some time and effort, you can create a comfortable environment in the child’s room with the maximum of originality. There are a lot of tips on how to fold toys in the nursery. To do this, use:

empty universal plastic containers;
hand-sewn wall bags with various patterns and embroidered cartoon characters;
painted multi-colored boxes and crates;
baskets attached to the wall or mounted on a Cabinet;
plastic buckets held together in groups;
mounted shelves;
old painted tires for outdoor toys in a private home.
To interest the child and attract him to cleaning, storage containers should be chosen bright picturesque colors and placed in accessible places for children. Soft animals are placed in separate containers, and constructors, cubes, and transport are placed in boxes. Boxes and baskets can be placed on the wardrobe or placed under the bed and pulled out as needed.

A serious problem is the selection of toys by functional groups. Each of them requires its own zone, which allows you to put cars, pyramids, cubes, Board games, and small parts of constructors in boxes, so as not to confuse them. Then the baby can easily find what he wants, especially if you make drawings on the containers for the orientation of the child. These activities will decorate the room and encourage him to maintain order.

Storage of toys in a one-room apartment

In a limited space, it is difficult to place a large number of dolls, cars, constructors, educational AIDS, Board games that get in the way under your feet. This problem is especially acute if there are two or more children of different ages in the family. Parents have a creative task-to sort them correctly into different containers, combining well-fitted standard furniture and invented storage systems.

When organizing storage areas, the most important condition is safety, convenience and attractiveness for the child. You should choose a set of furniture specially designed for children:

interesting design.
A modern storage system in a small apartment involves the use of racks and cabinets with open shelves, on which groups of toys and boxes filled with them are successfully laid out. They look beautiful dolls, plush animals, a collection of cars.

It is desirable to organize devices to facilitate the child’s access to separate shelves (stand or ladder), so that he can take his favorite toy. However, the upper shelves should be left out of reach of the baby, so that he does not fall and is not injured, trying to reach there.

It is convenient to place doll dishes, constructors, robots in sliding drawers of cabinets, chests of drawers and nightstands that are suitable in size. There are children’s beds with very spacious drawers at the bottom, where caring parents also put his things. Inside, these bulk containers can be divided using partitions.

For the same purpose, soft Ottomans with a folding lid are adapted. They are comfortable to sit on, and there is enough empty space inside. The most simple and budget storage option is a regular box with a lid or an original chest, which can be divided into separate segments for small parts of the designer or entirely for large soft toys.

For a one-room apartment, multifunctional wardrobes are appropriate. In addition to toys, other children’s items, such as shoes and clothing, are put in it. High-quality practical furniture with a neutral design will last for a long time-until high school age. If you give the baby the lower shelves, it will quickly learn how to restore order and will support it in its toy world.

Even in a one-room apartment, it is important to provide a child with a personal corner for creative activities, so that he can do modeling, drawing, applying, and assembling a constructor. This requires a simple table. Here is only to collect pencils and bricks will have to be persuaded for a long time.

It will simplify this task for parents to organize a picturesque workspace around the table: walls covered with cheerful children’s Wallpaper or drawings, a panel for drawing. They can be attached to textile bags, containers and pencil cases for storing pencils, paints, plasticine. The child will be happy to be able to lay out the objects of his creativity in these containers.

The child does not want to collect toys: what to do
It is useless to use reminders, persuasions, or even strictness to restore order in this case. Reasonable parents try to turn this work into an educational game. A serious problem for modern young moms and dads is the abundance and variety of toys, as well as the organization of their storage. Many children and adults do not even remember what items they have in their collection. When my mother’s patience breaks down at night before going to bed, she puts everything in one box:

cups from a set of doll’s service;
constructor details;
teddy bear;
The room gets a neat appearance. The next day, the kid, starting to play and not knowing where he has the right things at the moment, knocks all the boxes on the floor, the room becomes like a field after a battle. Worst of all, the child’s attention is scattered. The fact is that the playing space is organized incorrectly, without taking into account the interests and age characteristics of the baby.

Every child has an inner need to keep order. He will not be able to learn it himself, he needs the help of adults. If you create the appropriate conditions for it (organize storage space), then there will be no problems with cleaning. The baby will know the place of each toy and will be able to put it in the intended box.

So that cleaning toys does not cause a negative impression on the child, caring parents, using fiction, try to do it in a playful way. Children love story-role-playing games. Adults can tell them to imagine themselves as a robot collecting things, and they will be happy to join in the fun. Cars can be used to transport dolls on the shelves, and large equipment can be loaded with small cars and designer parts.

Stimulate the game by threatening to attack a monster (vacuum cleaner) on unassembled toys. Game methods include competitions and contests: who will fill the box faster, cleaning for a while. Creative approach to the game and maintaining interest in restoring order consists in inventing various unusual useful virtual devices:

airplane carpet for collecting toys (cartons for small things);
a fantastic flying saucer;
a cleaning robot.
A parent’s threat to prohibit viewing a cartoon if toys remain scattered will only cause negative emotions and resentment. It is better to replace this outdated method with a more modern one. Now all sorts of quests are gaining popularity. Adults can spend a little time and draw a homemade map with several stations, where the child will make an exciting journey and at the same time engage in a game of useful things. At each stop the inhabitants will give him tasks:

clear the bottom of the reservoir (wash the sink);
help prepare bricks for construction (collect LEGO);
work in the garden (water indoor plants);
work in a nature reserve (feed a pet).
The cleaning process will turn into an exciting adventure, and watching the cartoon will be a pleasant prize and a rest after hard work. Parents should not forget about approving remarks and real encouragement. The child is pleased to know that his hard work is appreciated by loved ones.

Adults should not forget that they are an example for their children, who copy their parents in everything. Therefore, the house must always be kept in order. The most important thing is not to rush to do everything yourself, so as not to discourage the baby from helping.

In order for the room to always look neat, there were no toys scattered on the floor, you need to properly organize the child’s play space. This can be done by using a modern storage system that is convenient for the child. And it should be trained as early as possible to perform the duties of collecting their belongings.

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