How do I choose the perfect toy gun?

Every boy loves to watch exciting battles, explosions and shootouts on the TV screen. In the battle of Good and Evil, children always try to play the role of a positive hero, show courage and honor, bravery and courage.

Let it be just a game, but it is of great importance for the education of a real man, a defender of the Motherland and family. Let your children feel like a real hero, soldier or secret agent, and to make the game realistic, it is important to properly arm the little warrior. The entire Arsenal of children’s toy weapons is suitable for this purpose.

Toy guns and revolvers of various designs with an optimal set of functions are particularly popular among young consumers. When choosing a product, it is important to focus on the product that will be as safe and interesting as possible for your child.

Type of weapon
Modern toy revolvers are striking in their variety and functionality. The following models of pistols are available for your attention:

with pellets;
with pistons and rattles;
water weapons.
The first category of goods is better to buy for children from 10 years old who are quite skilled in using such toys, and are also aware of all the responsibility for their own actions. After all, with such a gun, you can aim and hit real targets.

Pistons and rattles allow you to make the game more realistic, diversify it with sound signals and noises. However, they are absolutely safe.

Water types do not require special instructions and are absolutely safe for children and adults. This type of entertainment is ideal for families on the beach.

Materials for toy guns
The most common products are made of durable plastic. Metal models will cost more. The characteristic Shine and impressive appearance of this toy will appeal to those who love to come up with all sorts of story games involving spies and special agents. Plastic products have maximum detail, and the design and color will appeal to the smallest.

Fans of collecting can choose products. Which most accurately copy real pistols and revolvers from different eras. They will adorn any collection, and children will have to ask about the history of a particular type of Arsenal.

Toys in this category activate the child, make them spend more time outdoors, teach them to establish relationships with other children, and use their imagination to create new episodes for play.

Top 5 Toy guns

Sunny Days Entertainment Wild West Cap Play Set – 5 Piece Western Toy for Kids | Cowboy Sheriff Cap Pistol with Handcuffs | Ring Caps Sold Separately – Maxx Action, (Model: 101742)

Mozlly Light Up & Sounds Military Combat Force Camouflage Machine Gun, 21.5″ w/ Vibrations LEDs & Sounds Shotgun for Kids Boys – Pretend Play Dress Up Cosplay Costume Accessories, Colors May Vary

CifToys Combat Military Mission Machine Gun Toy with LED Flashing Lights and Sound Effects (8626) for Kids Playing and Halloween Costumes

ROKR Wooden Toy Gun Rubber Band Gun 3D Wooden Puzzle (Terminator M870)

Rhode Island Novelty 6.75″ Cap Pistol

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