How to choose the right toy box

Modern children have no shortage of toys. They begin to buy them before the birth of a child, and then with each holiday their number increases.

Toy box

Every person who comes to visit a family with small children must bring toys. And at some point, parents realize that all these treasures need to be stored somewhere.

This concern of parents is understandable, because if the disorder will surround the child from childhood, it is likely to lead to General disorganization in the future. A toy box can serve you well.
Psychologists have long conducted research that those children who are used to order, it will be much easier to then study at school. Having a toy box at hand, you can not only maintain order in the house, but also teach the child to this. Children, putting things in order in their room and folding toys, learn not only accuracy, but also the basics of systematization and analysis of their actions.

So that this activity is not too burdensome, toy boxes should be comfortable, bright, beautiful and functional. The most convenient models are those that are shallow and low. In this case, the child could easily get the necessary toy and also easily put it away.

How to choose a toy box

Very convenient to use can be one large box, in which several small boxes are inserted. In this case, you can store toys sorted in it, for example, cars in one compartment, cubes in another, paints and pencils in the third. This will make it easier for the child to navigate the diversity of their wealth.
Many manufacturers offer boxes for toys on wheels, so that they can be easily moved from place to place.

These containers are quite cheap, but take up a lot of space. For a small apartment, you can use this option: attach small containers with toys on self – adhesive hooks to furniture, walls or even to the inside of the Cabinet-they will look very original and unusual.

If you only plan to make repairs in the nursery and buy furniture for it, you should pay attention to the bed or sofa with a built-in box for toys or a very convenient and functional children’s table with a container for storing Board games, paints, albums and toys.

Many parents prefer to install racks along the walls. At first, you can put toys in them, and as the child grows up, they will turn into shelves for books and various crafts. You can make them or buy them to order. As a rule, manufacturers use such materials as chipboard, wood, and plastic for them.

You can purchase metal brackets with plastic boxes or containers. This solution has many advantages. First, everything can be arranged neatly on the shelves, and secondly, the rack can “grow” as the child grows. At first, the height of the rack will be equal to the height of the child, and when the baby becomes older and higher, one or two rows of boxes can be installed another. Third, a solidly installed rack can separate the game part of the room from the rest of the space.

You can install wall mounts for hanging toy pockets. A variety of mesh pockets for storing toys can be bought or tied themselves, for mothers of girls, this is a good reason to teach your daughter to hold needles in her hands. Of course, these containers are not very strong, but they can quickly and easily find the right thing.

Recently, chests have become very popular. This furniture can become a decoration for a children’s room, it can store toys or things. You can sit on the chest and use it as a bedside table. For boys, plastic or wooden chests, stylized as pirate chests, are suitable.

And girls will like stylish wicker chests of bright colors. It is also a good idea to buy a round cloth container, in which you can quickly collect scattered toys, if you need to urgently restore order.

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