How to choose baby walker ?

When a child grows up, it requires more attention and active games. An excellent option in this case can be a Baby walker. This is a good opportunity to channel the baby’s energy into a peaceful channel and engage him in an interesting activity. Before the variety of models in the store, parents are often lost. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose a Baby walker, and what criteria to pay attention to, so as not to lose.

What is a Baby walker?
This is an interesting toy and individual vehicle in one for the baby. It can be used for moving around the house or in the yard. Tolokar is also suitable for walking in the Park or just on the sidewalk.

The Baby walker has a simple design. It is set in motion by the child himself. It just pushes off with its feet from the floor or the ground, and the transport goes. Some models are equipped with handles for mothers, with its help, adults can also push the machine. The handle is necessary when using a toy for children up to a year, then the need for it disappears, so it is desirable that it is easily removed.

The case is usually made of plastic. When choosing a car, pay attention to the plastic was strong and easily withstand shocks. First, the child will necessarily hit various obstacles, so the construction of flimsy material will quickly break down. You should not save on quality.

Wheels are an integral part of the design. They can be plastic or rubber. For walking on the street, the second option will be optimal, since they are less noisy. Tolokar necessarily has a seat and steering wheel, but the bumper, limiters, light and sound are considered additional options, so they are not available in all models.

When buying a vehicle, be sure to examine the availability of additional options and decide whether your child needs them. Sometimes it makes no sense to overpay for features that the baby will not use.

Does your child need such a toy?
The Baby walker is a great helper that helps your child develop walking skills and learn space faster. When a child is just learning to walk, it is difficult for him to move independently for a long time, even if his mother gives him a hand. This is not the case in the presence of the house colocara. It helps the child to move without assistance, promotes the development of leg and back muscles, and improves the work of the vestibular apparatus.

While mastering driving on telecare kid to learn to control your body. Most models are equipped with toys and sound accompaniment, so in the course of the game, fine motor skills and hearing are well developed. This is a great opportunity to spend time with your son or daughter. Be sure that the child’s interest in the toy will remain for a long time.

Types of tolochanov for children
If you are thinking about how to choose a tolocar for a child, first you need to decide on the type of toy. There are two main categories:

Scooters. This is the name of a simple design of cars that consist of a body, seat, wheels and steering wheel. Additionally, you can have a horn, light illumination, or other options. Suitable for children from 1 year.
Convertibles. The main difference between these tolocars is that they can easily be transformed into other toys or vehicles. They are characterized by multi-functionality.
If you want to choose tolokar-transformer, then you should know that they are of several types:

The stroller is stroller. When fully assembled, the machine is more like a stroller with a convenient handle for the mother, a back and a footrest for the child. When the baby grows up, the extra accessories are easily removed, and the stroller turns into a vehicle that the child can ride on their own.

Tolokar-electric car. It can be used as a gurney, and there is an electric motor to drive with the pedal.

Baby walkers. The main difference between this model is the collapsible rear part. Just a few movements and easy walkers turn into tolokar. This type of machine is great for children who are already confident on their feet and learn walking skills.

Baby walker-rocking chair. To assemble the rocker, you need to install special runners. To make the machine easier than ever-just replace the runners with a platform with wheels.

A Baby walker-jumpers. Usually it has a simple design, and Bouncing is carried out due to the installed shock absorbers.
Baby walker-scooter. By replacing individual parts, the machine easily turns into a Board on which you can ride standing up. This option is suitable for older children (from 1.5 years).

Decide which type will best suit your child based on their age and interest in the world around them. Please note that there are multifunctional Baby walker that successfully combine several types of children’s transport. Their price is usually higher, so immediately determine whether to overpay.

To choose the right Baby walker , pay attention to the height and width of the seat. The baby should be comfortable. Consider the weight tolerance and stability. If the Baby walker is needed for a small child, it is desirable that there are no small removable parts, because it is sometimes quite difficult to keep track of the toddler.

Precautions when using colocaron
To make sure that your child’s favorite toy does not cause injuries, you must take precautions when using it:

If the child is not yet 3 years old, tolocar should only be used in the presence of parents or other adults.
If there are breakdowns (cracks in the body, chassis malfunctions, etc.), it is absolutely impossible to operate the machine before repair. You should regularly check the device for breakdowns and defects.
It is important to use the toy according to its purpose and age.
Eliminate riding telecare on the roadway.
It is necessary to refrain from using the machine on descents, as its movement may become uncontrolled.
On the street, you can use the Baby walker only during the day, since it is usually not equipped with headlights for the dark time of the day.
For crumbs, it is better to take a car with seat belts or restrictive handrails. This will reduce the risk of injury in an accidental fall to a minimum.

If you follow the simple rules of operation, the machine-gurney will bring the baby only joy and will certainly diversify his walks in the fresh air.

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