Chloe Doll

Manufacturer’s description
Baby Chloe is a very serious girl, and requires special care and attention from her little mistress.

The doll has perky red hair and open blue eyes. The baby is dressed in a charming pink dress and a knitted blouse. Chloe is not always so thoughtful, if you press her tummy, she will laugh. And if you press it twice more, it will call mom and dad.

Basic information
• Age of the child: from 2 to 5 years.
• Material: soft-core material, safe vinyl.
* Toy height: 42 cm.
• Weight with package: 1.48 kg.
* Manufacturer: Spain.

The toy is designed for children from two years old, but in our experience, even younger children can play with it. The doll is made of high-quality vinyl that is pleasant to the touch. The body of the toy is soft, so it is not very heavy. The doll does not have any small parts in the set.

Childhood development
Chloe doll will help girls develop their innate maternal instinct and implement it in the game. This is extremely useful for the development of children, especially girls. The doll can be put to bed, rolled in a stroller or changed.

The toy develops:
• motor skills;
• coordination of movement;
* fantasy;
* responsibility;
* sense of duty;
* accuracy.

Chloe doll from Antonio Juans Munecas is an exact copy of a little red-haired girl who wants to look after and take care of. The toy is anatomically correct, from finger tips to facial features.

The height of the toy allows you to change the doll into newborns ‘ clothes, so moms do not have to look for additional clothes for Chloe.

Despite the fact that Chloe’s face, arms and legs are made of thick vinyl, her body is soft. The girl will be nice and comfortable to carry the doll in her arms, hug it. The toy can talk and laugh. To do this, you just need to click on the tummy in turn.

Doll is dressed up like a little Princess. Her hair is tied in two ponytails. The body is wearing a dress, knickers, a knitted jacket and booties. The quality of all things is perfect.

This toy is not cheap. These dolls are more likely to belong to the category of elite toys. They are sure to attract the attention of the child and decorate the children’s room. However, not every parent can afford a baby Chloe.

Chloe doll is a real red-haired beauty who looks so much like a real child. The quality of materials, voice acting, and clothing is excellent. But the price of the doll is high. And while this is the only, but very significant minus toys.

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