What is the difference between a metallophone and a xylophone?

The choice of musical toys is quite rich. You can select instruments from the percussion group, noise, wind, and percussion-keyboard. Metallophones and xylophones are recognized as one of the most popular toys. They actively develop visual memory, motor coordination, creative, musical abilities, logical thinking, and much more.

In adults, in connection with the choice of instrument, the question often arises – what is the difference between a metallophone and a xylophone?

Metallophone-a type of xylophone. Its progenitor is a glockenspiel instrument that came from Asia, which means “bells”. In the XIX century, the bells were replaced with metal plates. So there was a modern glockenspiel.

The glockenspiel and xylophone belong to the percussion group. The main difference between a metallophone and a xylophone is the material from which the instrument plates are made. The xylophone has wooden bars, a glockenspiel is metal. Hence the difference in the sound of the instruments. The glockenspiel is endowed with a more resonant and loud sound, while the sound of the xylophone more quiet and pleasant.

Glockenspiels are of two types: the diatonic and the chromatic.

In diatonic instruments, the plates are in the same row and repeat the arrangement of white piano keys. This glockenspiel is easier to master.

In a chromatic instrument, everything is more complicated. The plates are arranged in two rows, following the example of white and black piano keys. It is not so easy to master the game on such an instrument, but the effort will be rewarded. The possibilities of chromatic metallophone are much wider. You can play more tunes on it and get more joy and benefit.

What are the advantages of glockenspiels and xylophones?

visually, the tools are bright and colorful, which is sure to appeal to children;
learning to play them is not difficult;
unlike other percussion instruments, metallophones and xylophones develop not only rhythmic hearing, but also melodic;
two sticks are attached to the instrument, which will allow parents to play with the baby in a duet;
the tool opens up endless possibilities for a flight of imagination.

How parents should hold classes with their child for the development of the glockenspiel or the xylophone?

Joint classes of adults with their baby should be held exclusively in the form of a game. For example, the mother, taking one hammer, plays first, and the baby, like an echo, repeats the melody after her. You should start learning the instrument with a single sound, and then gradually add new records.
Turn on an audio recording of a dance or marching tune and together play along with the orchestra, tapping the meter of the piece.
Invite your child to draw a rain, wind, stream, etc. on the instrument.it Will be interesting to play the game in the form of riddles. The baby plays, and mom or dad guess a natural phenomenon.
Come up with a fabulous story together. Accompany the appearance and action of the characters by playing an instrument.
Go to the magic land of clocks, where there was a confusion with time. Ask the little musician to fix the clock. Let him show how the clock chimes its mighty “BOM-BOM”, the wrist watch quickly counts down “tick-tock” or “Tiki-Tiki” … Parents can first transmit different ticks, and the baby will repeat.
Use the tutorial games on the glockenspiel and learn an exciting tune.
Metallophone and xylophone are tools that will help your child discover a magical, musical world that will become an unforgettable experience.

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