How to choose a doll

A doll is more than a toy. She plays the role of a living being – so much so that many girls, growing up, retain memories of their favorite dolls. And some often keep the dolls themselves, passing them on to their children. Realizing how important the toy can be a doll, we should think carefully about her choice.

The role of a doll in a child’s life
A doll for a girl can be a friend, a child, or even a patron to whom you can tell about your problems and share secrets. In psychological terms, the role of the doll can not be overestimated – it directly depends on the full development of the child. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most ancient types of toys.

The girl’s socialization is also associated with the doll from an early age. It is with her that the baby learns to play out various scenarios and behaviors that will later reproduce during communication with real people. Parents often use the doll to maintain important contact with the child, bringing it up in a playful way – asking the girl to put the doll to bed on time, feed it properly and clean the house, you can motivate the child to discipline and accuracy in his own life, and without any imposition, and even more so without punishment.

Also, the doll is irreplaceable if the child suffers from any psychological problems. They may hide their fears from their parents (or they may simply not be able to voice them) by willingly telling the doll about them. It is also possible to play out problematic situations with the toy. For an observant parent, this is a real salvation and an opportunity to learn everything that really happens to the baby.

Choosing a doll – what should you pay attention to?

Choosing a doll, you need to follow two simple criteria. First, the doll must be of high quality, and second – it must be suitable for the child’s age. Let’s look at these two parameters in more detail.


Like any other toy, the doll must be of high quality. To insure yourself and your child from purchasing a low-quality product, you should only make purchases in proven and reliable stores that sell only certified and original products. Buying toys in markets and other questionable places, you risk not only to disappoint the child with a quick exit of the purchase out of order, but also to seriously harm his health.

The toy, and especially its packaging, should not cause any suspicion. As a rule, a poor-quality box with bad printing immediately indicates that the doll is a low-quality fake.

The doll itself should look well assembled and of high quality. There should be no extra elements, whether they are burrs, bulging pieces of plastic or fabric. All details should be carefully drawn, without rough or untidy areas.

The psychological aspect is also very important – the doll must look cute, cute and friendly, as a strange or even frightening facial expression can cause serious injury to the child.

Matching the child’s age

All dolls can be divided into 4 varieties:

1. Pups. The simplest dolls that look like a baby. They can be made of plastic (the most common option) or be rag. Pups are safe in all respects and are suitable for the smallest.

2. Baby doll. Such dolls can write, cry, close their eyes, be able to talk and do other similar things. This is a great toy for a girl, thanks to which she can begin to develop socialization skills and play various behaviors. Recommended for children from 3 years of age.

3. Doll-girlfriend. When a girl goes to school, she still continues to play with dolls, although, of course, they become quite different. It often happens that this is a textile doll that the girl grew up with. And it happens that the baby doll is replaced by a doll-girlfriend who lives an independent life. She often has her own house and her own household, which she takes care of. This toy will give the girl a good example.

4. The doll is the model. In adolescence, a girl needs a doll that will be a role model for her. These toys already have female forms, spectacular makeup and stylish clothing. Playing with these dolls, girls reproduce all the situations that they would like to visit themselves.

Top 5 best dolls

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